Saturday, May 16, 2015

KL Bird Park

How do you like holding a colourful bird friend while it’s feeding? What about having one sit atop your head?
trying hard to be natural when the feathery friends are clinging on
Jean, my childhood friend, bless her, has a Sogo member card which we enjoyed getting 2 free child tickets when we buy 2 adult tickets. Adult tickets cost RM17 / pax while a child cost RM13 / pax. A good savings there. We even did a good thing by giving away one of the free child tickets since we had enough for ours. “Good deed of the day” Checked!
fish a crowding when food's a coming!
The kids enjoyed feeding the fish ( am so glad I had a big packet of fish food with me, don’t ask why I carry that around) and we enjoyed the bird show. Saw the hornbill feeding. Hmm….the birdkeeper fed them raw meat and cut papayas. Went very close to peacocks who were too shy to show us their magnificent fan. Just be mindful of the timing as these feeding and shows go by schedule.
Ended up in Jalan Dang Wangi for a timely Nasi Briyani lunch. Yum!

they are so tame to feed comfortably while clinging on to a complete stranger!

Daytrip - Pulau Ketam

It was a long weekend, where Labour Day and Wesak Day gave a good stretch from Friday to Monday holiday. So, the city dwellers like us, always looking out for some adventures, decided to visit Pulau Ketam.

It’s been ages since we’ve been there and it’s been developed, so we’ve heard. Started out from Petaling Jaya about 11-ish. It took us about 45minutes to reach the jetty. It’s a good idea if you take the KTM as it is right in front of the jetty terminal. You can park in the terminal parking lots but you will find that the sign closes off, saying it’s full. You should ask the guard as he will allow you to drive in, provided there is still space available. They just don’t allow everyone to drive in, because they don’t want you to park overnight.

oh don't be shy now...straight ahead to the jetty
A breeze to buy the ferry tickets (RM7 per way) as you walk towards the jetty. A bad experience is, that while queuing for the wait, we notice loads of people just walking pass us to the front of the line. As the gatekeeper passes us, we asked him why are these people cutting the line? Apparently, there’s an “illegal” type of boat which is open air and you do not need to queue and wait! What?! That cost RM10 per way and if you don’t want to wait, just go straight to the front and board the boat, pay to the ticket collector on the journey. So, we decided to stick with our air-condition ferry which we assume is legal, safer and better.

look at the queue. the small boat is an "illegal" ride
After a 40minute wait and an hour’s boat ride, uneventfully. We reached Pulau Ketam. Everyone’s famished by now. I walked pretty fast ahead to look for a restaurant hoping to beat the crowd coming behind me. Hah! It was easy to get seats and easy to order as we already know what we want. We want crab! Among others, of course. We ordered a dish of Kam Heong Crab weighing 1.3kg, Siong Tong La La, Vegetables(Caan’t remember the name), Buttered Squid and Sweet Sour Fish. We were pretty hungry, so we thought it was a good meal overall. Note, we were pretty hungry. The bill……..RM 194.50 That’s hefty, even for a KL seafood price. Hmmmph….just bear in mind, you are the contributing factor for Pulau Ketam to survive and thrive, so don’t take it too badly.

Time for a look see. Slowly, we stroll through the street and when we turn the bend, only then we realise that, we’ve reached the island centre. Restaurants line the street both sides, with hawker stalls, mainly fried oyster and lala. Be careful, as there are plenty of cyclists, that’s the best way to get around by renting one. Through the street, you come to a local temple and open space of concrete landing, perhaps some shows go on occasionally here. We turned back and stroll leisurely, finding another coffee shop for tea time.

hotzzzzz......the open square at the end of the busy street
Close to 4.30pm, we decided to leave, as the last ferry out of there is 5.30pm. If you do come to Pulau Ketam, do consider staying at the riverfront hotel which is the 1st building you will see when you enter Pulau Ketam.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recently, I've been patronising a little bakery in the neighbourhood of Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras. For those who are not Cheras-ian, you'll probably never venture into this part of Klang Valley, it's almost like the God forsaken deep part of somewhere over the rainbow. 

Happens that they recently open in April 2013 and it's slowly picking up the neighbourhood crowd, so to speak, but I'm glad that it's never crowded. There's always patrons either having their quick bite in or just taking away. I find a good level of comfort having my breakfast there, since I like pastry and coffee (nothing fancy or premium), need some quiet place to think, nothing pricey and a comfortable set of furnitures to just relax on. This suits me perfectly. 

So, if you're in the neighbourhood and if you have 15-20minutes to spare, come in to Victoria Bakery @ Taman Segar Perdana for simple pleasantries. 

Timber elements always bring in the natural and warm touch

my spot at the back

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The day she left me...

The date is 31.01.13. Grandma's passing day. How I remember her.....

No one does it like you. How you call me constantly, bugging me, how you peep into my space just so i know you are around, that you told me all the history i should know, where i am from, what im made of, where i should be going. For every family, friend and neighbour, you choose to pass on some love. That's so you. It will be difficult to go on without you but i must. My hope is in the knowing, you are in a better place, with our Heavenly Father and i will see you again. Thank you all who share in our grieve. it shall pass and our hope lies in the promises of Christ.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The KL International AV Show 2012

The KL International AV Show 2012 recently made its successful exhibition at J.W.Marriott, KL on 20th - 22nd July 2012. I was there for the 2nd time and noted some favourites. Check it out. 

Hail, the Cyberdome
Projected by 2 large projectors
Very clear, 3D effect

Short throw projection on floor 

80"? Viewing Pleasure? You bet. 

The crowd was good. There were a total of 5 levels of exhibition from the Lower Ground of the hotel, displaying big names such as Panasonic, LG, Marantz, Toshiba. The upper levels on 8th, 7th, 4th and 3rd showcases private and expensive collections within smaller hotel rooms, whereby keen collectors be seated to experience the true sound of high end audio equipment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

went to be with the Lord....

a great friend's sister recently went to be with the Lord. we sat and thought abit about what to write in her obituary. stuff that we don't write about daily, we needed to find templates for reference as well. we don't face death daily, either a relative, a friend, someone you know, so inevitably, you don't get very good at dealing with it. 

my heart pains for those who grieves for their loved ones. although, for us who has accepted Jesus as our Lord and personal Saviour, we believe that we are going home to be with Him when we lay our bodies to rest. so, as we attend her wake, we call it a celebration of life that she had lived, as well the eternal life she is living now. no, not death. 

to grieve now, it is a must for her loved ones. i will sit and just listen to my friend if she needs to pour her heart. i don't need to know the clever words to comfort her. as for the elders, never is it right for them to see the younger ones passed before them. grieve and mourn for this season, for there will be the time for joy in the next season, when you have found peace again. 

the verse we chose for her :