Saturday, May 16, 2015

KL Bird Park

How do you like holding a colourful bird friend while it’s feeding? What about having one sit atop your head?
trying hard to be natural when the feathery friends are clinging on
Jean, my childhood friend, bless her, has a Sogo member card which we enjoyed getting 2 free child tickets when we buy 2 adult tickets. Adult tickets cost RM17 / pax while a child cost RM13 / pax. A good savings there. We even did a good thing by giving away one of the free child tickets since we had enough for ours. “Good deed of the day” Checked!
fish a crowding when food's a coming!
The kids enjoyed feeding the fish ( am so glad I had a big packet of fish food with me, don’t ask why I carry that around) and we enjoyed the bird show. Saw the hornbill feeding. Hmm….the birdkeeper fed them raw meat and cut papayas. Went very close to peacocks who were too shy to show us their magnificent fan. Just be mindful of the timing as these feeding and shows go by schedule.
Ended up in Jalan Dang Wangi for a timely Nasi Briyani lunch. Yum!

they are so tame to feed comfortably while clinging on to a complete stranger!

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